Saturday, September 29, 2012

More Shuttle Shots

More from last week's arrival of Endeavour. Several comments asked about what else was going on at the airport while the Endeavour fly-byes and arrival were happening. For the most part, not much; everyone on hand wanted to stay and watch:

Virgin America in position for a front-row view of the north side fly-by

A handful more departures on the north side, waiting for the fly-by

On the south side, there were a bunch of watchers and waiters:

Another selection of shots of the arrival on Runway 25 Right:



The cranes for the separation operation, as seen from the tower
Even once parked on the ramp, everyone wanted to taxi past for a look. Word got around apparently, because for the rest of the afternoon, pilots were requesting the "shuttle tour": The Lufthansa in this shot is actually a departure; they taxied from the TBIT down to the west end just for a look before taxiing all the way back to the other end of the airport to depart off 25 Right (the same runway the shuttle landed on).

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  1. Lufthansa taxied all the way down there JUST TO SEE THE SHUTTLE?! Priceless. If I'd been a passenger I would've been cheering the LH captain.

    There was also an American 777 bound for Japan that had to hold short of 25 for at least 15 minutes- the tower kept calling him and apologizing for the delay. He didn't mind, he told the tower he had the best seats in the house.

    Since CV posted a shot of Imperial Hill (where I was), it's only fair to include a link to one of the tower (apologies to CV if this sort of thing is frowned on).