Friday, November 29, 2019

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thursday was the Thanksgiving holiday in the US, generally considered to be the busiest travel period of the year. Popularly, it is believed that the two busiest travel days of the year are the day before Thanksgiving and the Sunday after. I haven't tried to verify that, but certainly the traffic getting into LAX was horrible on Wednesday. That evening I tried to get a few shots to show the traffic backed up on the roads leading into the terminal complex:

Granted, these are all poor shots, especially the last, but they hopefully give an idea of the reason that people complain about the traffic at and around LAX.  My commute to work that day brought me in via Lincoln Blvd, which runs parallel to the north complex runways. It took me a half hour to get from the right edge of the first photo to the control tower. I could have walked it in half of that. 

Earlier this week it was reported that Air France has become the second airline to begin retiring its A380 fleet. Here is the Thanksgiving Day Air France A380 departure to Paris:

On Thanksgiving Day, we had a wind shift and rain, and so we turned the airport around and went east traffic. Air traffic was relatively light on the holiday itself, and so it was possibly the easiest turn around we've ever had. We even had a double rainbow:

As it so happened, we had more rain the day after Thanksgiving. Thanks to CS and one of his buddies with airport ops, here's a much nicer shot of today's rainbow:

Friday, November 15, 2019

More Specials!

The morning after I published the previous post featuring various special paint jobs, AeroMexico brought in the Dreamliner in the opening shot. That was enough impetus for me to dig through the recent archives to find some more specials to show you. Some of these feature special livery, while others are special for some other reason.

China Airlines (callsign: Dynasty) is the latest carrier to bring in the new Airbus 350.

Our newest cargo operator at LAX uses the radio callsign Cargo South. This is a pretty elaborate paint scheme for a freighter.

JetBlue wants you to know that they fly jets.

Although this one isn't blue.

New Zealand All Blacks B777. I bet the air conditioning works overtime on this airplane!

Southwest has a number of state-themed aircraft representing states that they serve; this is Tennessee

New Mexico

 Emirates is looking pretty sporty