Friday, March 18, 2022

March construction update

Terminal 6 is finally getting new concrete for gates 66, 68A, & 68B. Meanwhile, gate 64 has been closed for pavement replacement

Looking east from the control tower. The people mover station for Terminals 1 and 7 is beginning to take shape

Terminal 3 has gotten its first jetway, while the connectors for the people mover are well underway

Looking west from the control tower: The TBIT people mover station and the connectors to Terminals 3 and 4

A better view of the Terminal 4 connector to the people mover station


Most of the visible construction is around Terminal 3, as well as various parts of the Automated People Mover system. Not as easy to see is ramp construction around some gates in Terminals 5 and 6. Looking forward to this summer, we have been advised that there will be major taxiway closures on the south side of the airport. While some of our heaviest traffic occurs during the summer months, there is an urgent push to accomplish a number of construction projects in time for Los Angeles to host the Summer Olympics in 2028. The goal this summer is to build a new American Eagle terminal at the western portion of the terminal complex. This will make way for the new Terminal 9, which will be located east of Sepulveda Blvd -- space that includes the current position of the American Eagle terminal. What this means is that if you're flying out of any of the terminals on the south side of the terminal complex this summer, you can expect additional delays for your plane getting to and from the terminals.