Sunday, August 20, 2023

Shots of the month

Unlike many of the cargo aircraft that we see, this Avianca Cargo A330-200F is a factory-built freighter. The A330-200F can be identified by the bump on the underside of the nose. The passenger version of the A330-200 sits slightly nose-low, and since a level floor is preferable for cargo loading and unloading, the -200F has the nose gear mounting point repositioned to achieve a level floor while on the ground. The under-nose bulge is the revised nose gear well and doors, a feature that P2F conversions of the A330-200 lack. Noteworthy is that this is only necessary on the -200F; the -300 naturally sits more level on the ground. Thanks to reader tercio bomfim for calling out my initial misstatement.

Silk Way West is a cargo carrier from Azerbaijan

Retro or legacy liveries are a nice break from the day-to-day airplanes at LAX; I don't recall Horizon having one when they were operating the Dash-8, but it looks good on this E175