Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Final B747

Last night, the final B747 rolled out of the final assembly building in Everett, Washington. During the 53-year production run, Boeing built 1,574 B747s. Pan Am was the launch customer, with their first B747 entering service in 1970. Delta was the last US passenger carrier to operate B747s, retiring them in 2017. At LAX we do still see B747 passenger operations with Lufthansa and Korean, both of whom bring in B747-8s. Korean uses the B747-8 in both passenger and cargo operations, and we have a good many other cargo operators bringing B747s through LAX. The final B747 built is a cargo variant, and will be going to Atlas Air. I expect that it will come out of the paint shop looking much like its sister ship in the photo above, and hopefully we will get to see it pass through LAX once it enters service next year.