Friday, August 11, 2017

Photo Friday: Crappy photos

This week opens with a very late night shot from earlier this week. Hainan's Dreamliners are pretty colorful, but this one was worth even a lousy photo.

I glanced up and just had a chance to shoot this through the window shades; can't tell you how they fixed it!

Continuing the theme of poor photography, here are this week's construction photos, taken yesterday afternoon:

And just for fun, here are a couple of shots from the archives:

One year ago

Two years ago

Friday, August 4, 2017

Photo Friday

A bit of randomness this week - enjoy!

For variety, this week's construction update looks at Terminal One, where another jetway has been installed. I'm guessing that this will be Gate 16. The adjacent gate is 18A, and the two tails in the bottom corner are 12A and 10. The bare dirt area will eventually become 14, and we may also have a 12B.

Here is a look at the departure end of Runway 25R, which is currently shortened for the construction of a runway end safety area. Until a couple of weeks ago, the intersecting and adjacent taxiways were also closed, which made for some interesting challenges for tower and ground controllers. The intersection where the American Airbus is waiting to cross was closed, so aircraft that ended up at the west end of Taxiway H had to turn left and cross Runway 25L - which is usually exactly opposite of where they need to go. This establishment of a Runway End Safety Area is similar to the work that has already been accomplished on Runway 24L/6R on the north side. The RESA establishes a paved overrun (stopway) at the ends of the runway so that an airplane that runs off the end doesn't immediately hit something. While LAX hasn't had an incident of this sort lately, there are two accidents that come to mind immediately which illustrate the need. Both happen to involve Southwest, although a little research reveals plenty of similar accidents with other carriers. See this Wikipedia entry for more: Southwest_Airlines_Flight_1248

Double trouble:  An Antonov 124 and a Boeing 747-8F on the Imperial Terminal ramp. Both of these, along with the Airbus 380 and the Lockheed C5, are Design Group 6 aircraft. If you want some insight into ADG-6 operations at LAX, here is a pdf copy of the LAX ADG-6 Operation Plan on the LAWA website. Meanwhile, the innocent United in the foreground is a B737-900.