Sunday, August 20, 2023

Shots of the month

Unlike many of the cargo aircraft that we see, this Avianca Cargo A330-200F is a factory-built freighter. The A330-200F can be identified by the bump on the underside of the nose. The passenger version of the A330-200 sits slightly nose-low, and since a level floor is preferable for cargo loading and unloading, the -200F has the nose gear mounting point repositioned to achieve a level floor while on the ground. The under-nose bulge is the revised nose gear well and doors, a feature that P2F conversions of the A330-200 lack. Noteworthy is that this is only necessary on the -200F; the -300 naturally sits more level on the ground. Thanks to reader tercio bomfim for calling out my initial misstatement.

Silk Way West is a cargo carrier from Azerbaijan

Retro or legacy liveries are a nice break from the day-to-day airplanes at LAX; I don't recall Horizon having one when they were operating the Dash-8, but it looks good on this E175



  1. Hi,
    Good to read you again. In fact, maybe it was a problem with my browser because I wasn't able to read new posts. The last one that was visible was "the colors of Condor".
    Anyway, about this post, I guess you made a mistake. The A330 cargo that you posted is a original made Cargo airplane, delivered from the Airbus factory.
    Best regards from Brazil.

    1. You got me - on both counts. The new post issue has been at my end, as I have been composing posts that ended up in the Drafts folder. I've started working to catch up by publishing them with the dates that they were originally intended. As for the A330, thank you for the correction, as I had gotten it backwards. It is indeed the -200F that has the nose gear bulge. I have edited the photo caption accordingly. Thanks again!