Friday, November 15, 2019

More Specials!

The morning after I published the previous post featuring various special paint jobs, AeroMexico brought in the Dreamliner in the opening shot. That was enough impetus for me to dig through the recent archives to find some more specials to show you. Some of these feature special livery, while others are special for some other reason.

China Airlines (callsign: Dynasty) is the latest carrier to bring in the new Airbus 350.

Our newest cargo operator at LAX uses the radio callsign Cargo South. This is a pretty elaborate paint scheme for a freighter.

JetBlue wants you to know that they fly jets.

Although this one isn't blue.

New Zealand All Blacks B777. I bet the air conditioning works overtime on this airplane!

Southwest has a number of state-themed aircraft representing states that they serve; this is Tennessee

New Mexico

 Emirates is looking pretty sporty

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