Thursday, September 20, 2012

Assorted odds & ends

This time around, some recently-seen happenings:

The first of the remodeled TBIT gates has entered service; we've started putting arrivals on Gate 134. Because of the closed section of Taxiway S, this gate can only be accessed from the north side for the time being. Here, we see a Qantas A380 on Taxiway S, about to get pulled onto the gate.

Later, we can see the Qantas A380 on Gate 134, and a Korean A380 arriving at Gate 123.

This factory-new B737 passed through last week. Here it is departing Runway 25 Right, on a record attempt flight to Auckland, New Zealand. We haven't heard yet if they succeeded.

Afternoon shot of three heavies parked at Terminal 3. We're nearing the end of the KLM MD-11 flights; this one seen here pulling into Gate 25.

Volaris has a new flying billboard, featuring Fresca cola

And Southwest has a new addition to their collection of flying state flags: Colorado


  1. I was not aware of the Colorado c/s for Southwest. Thanks! Of course they have not seen fit to create a NY One. Perhaps because the New York State flag is boring and ugly.

  2. When did KLM start sending the 3 holer back to LAX? Are they running 2 flights a day now?

    Hope you're in the tower with your camera tomorrow when Endeavour comes home.

  3. The 737 (BBJ version) made it-- Boeing was bragging on their Twitter feed when they did it.

  4. On the new 737 which passed through.
    From the Tacoma Wa. News Tribune
    "The jet flew the 6,506 miles between the two cities non-stop in 13 hours, 7 minutes and 54 seconds. That’s an average speed of some 495 miles an hour."

    Plus it still had 7800 pounds of fuel left when it landed. It will be a nice BBJ when completed.

  5. That BBJ made it to NZAA - there was a news item about it on NZ TV. Came to NZ for fitout.

  6. The 737 mentioned above operating to Auckland, NZ did break the record!

  7. Nice shots. Glad to see the TBIT work progressing nicely.

    The BBJ did succeed in their record.
    Press Release

  8. Re the BBJ record attempt.......

    Boeing Business Jets set a new world record for "Speed Over a Recognized Course" when a BBJ flew non-stop from Los Angeles to Auckland, New Zealand for installation of its VIP interiors. The BBJ, a 737-700 modified for VIP use, made the 5,658 nautical mile (10,479 km) trip in 13 hours, 7 minutes and 54 seconds.

    The record-setting trip was monitored by the National Aeronautic Association based in Washington, D.C. BBJ president captain Steve Taylor said the trip demonstrates the incredible range capability of the BBJ.

    When we left Los Angeles with full fuel, we were 21,000 pounds below our Maximum Takeoff Weight. This means that the customer can add a full VIP interior, fill all the seats and still carry full fuel and have remarkable range - something our competitor with the same class business jet simply cannot do non-stop," said Taylor.

    The airplane had 7,800 pounds of fuel remaining when it landed in Auckland Sunday evening.

    The BBJ, owned by Samsung Electronics, is equipped with seven auxiliary fuel tanks, giving it the extended range capability. It also features lower cabin altitude, which differentiates it from its competitor. The option provides a 6,500-foot cabin altitude instead of the standard 8,000-foot cabin, allowing passengers to travel in greater comfort.

    The airplane was flown to New Zealand for the first interior completion of a new BBJ by Altitude Aerospace Interiors, an Auckland-based company which was launched in 2008.

    Still loving the blog.........what are the chances of a tower visit if I get back to LAX?????

    John(Liverpool UK)

  9. Did the 737 ever reach New Zealand?

  10. BBK N705JM - "Not only was it a first for the type to fly direct between the two cities but it also set a speed record by flying the 10479km trip in 13 hours 7 minutes and 54 seconds."