Friday, January 27, 2012

I never get tired of this

You just gotta love the view from the tower!

Looking out east at the finals: Landing all four runways; all those "stars" are airplanes


  1. Thanks for the string of pearls shot. Much better from the tower as opposed to trying to look at them as I speed down the 405. Is the last picture to the West of the two planets we have been seeing lately in So Cal?

  2. That first photo needs to go on the COVER of your book.

  3. What are the blue and green towers in the middle photo?

  4. Anon - The final photo actually shows the moon, in a fat crescent, above the planet Venus. Not seen in this picture is the planet Jupiter, which was above the moon that night.

    Christopher - The blue and green towers are the pillars of the light sculpture that adorns the entrance to LAX and extends eastward along the center divider of Century Blvd. They happened to be blue and green at the time of that shot; sometimes they're all one color, sometimes they alternate, and sometimes the colors are associated with a holiday or event, e.g., red & green for Chrismas; red, white, and blue for July 4th; or gold & purple for when the Lakers win.