Sunday, January 8, 2012

The C-1 ramp

In an entry last month, I mentioned that the C-1 ramp had been re-marked to accommodate two heavy jets. Here are a couple of additional views; one aerial and the other as seen from the tower. In the aerial shot (above), there's an Air New Zealand B744 on its layover. It will be towed to a gate at Terminal 2 later in the evening for its subsequent departure to Auckland. At the top of the shot, you can see a UPS B763 parked on the B-1 ramp. The following less-than-ideal shot from the tower shows a Cargo King B772 and a Cathay Pacific B744, and is so far the only shot I've been able to get of two aircraft on the C-1 ramp at one time (it happens more often at night). Beyond the Cargo King B772, you can see a Delta A332 parked on the B-1 ramp, awaiting its turn to be towed to the terminal.

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  1. As always, great pix. I know that you tower is high, bit it was instantly obvious that the first shot was not 'from the tower.' Is this C-1 static parking, or an active gate? Please keep up the great posts. Responding/commenting was difficult for a while, but I think blogger has worked out most of the kinks. Go for it!