Saturday, December 31, 2011

Fun with fog

We've ended 2011 and started 2012 with a return of marine-layer fog. The last couple of evenings, the weather in San Diego got to the point that aircraft were forced to divert into LAX. A number of them subsequently got stuck on the ground here, waiting for our visibility to improve to the point that they could take off again.

I've talked about the fog and marine layer before, but one of my coworkers pointed out this interesting vantage point. We're looking down at the LAX Theme Building, which is adjacent to the tower. As you can see, the visibility deteriorates to the point that the lights on the building virtually disappear.

And here's how it looks on a clear afternoon:


  1. Only in Southern California would that last picture be considered "clear"! (And I work in one of the buildings in that picture.)

  2. Spaceship LAX disappearing into the mist!