Thursday, December 15, 2011

The many tails of JetBlue

Consider this a precursor of the next installment in the stagnant A320 spotters guide series. While JetBlue also operates E190s, we don't see those at LAX.

One of the neat things about working at LAX is that I get to see lots of different airplanes and paint schemes. But even that gets boring after awhile - every American jet looks like every other American jet. There are a few exceptions, though. Alaska and Horizon have a number of special liveries, as does Southwest. Frontier has its "spokesanimals" pictured on the tails of its aircraft. Another exception is JetBlue, whose aircraft have a variety of different designs on their tails, sort of in the same spirit as Braniff's "Flying Colors." This is not a comprehensive collection, but does include all the JetBlue tails I've caught with the camera, and will be occasionally amended as the opportunity arises:

I've been told that this one aircraft is painted green, but I can't see it. No reasonable amount of adjusting the photos makes it any better, so check these links for confirmation:

JetBlue Airways: Blue turns Green

NYC Aviation: JetBlue New York Jets


  1. Love it! I'm patiently awaiting the A320 spotters guide posts by the way. The A318 was great!

  2. Cool. Thanks for the pictures.
    Quick Question.... Does Compass fly with DL colors or do they sport their own brand? I'm too lazy to search ....and my fingers are too cold to type tonight.
    Hope the play is going well, is it still on?
    And I do hope that you don't get too much sway in the tower when the winds hit.

  3. Tom - Thanks! Just this afternoon, while looking for shots for this entry, I ran across couple more photos that I've added to the A318 guide.

    Amulbunny - Glad you like them. Compass flies in Delta colors; don't know if they even have any company colors of their own. A Christmas Carol is in its final week; we had a full house tonight and the remaining four shows are all sold out. It's been a grueling run, with six shows a week - twice as much as usual, although thankfully not for the usual six weeks. I've heard that we're expecting wind gusts of up to 45 knots, so the tower probably will be rocking. No Dramamine allowed, though!


  4. Great Jetblue Series...Thanks for posting these pics!

    Reminds me of the British Airways livery from a few years ago that had a bunch of different tails.