Saturday, January 22, 2011

Unfinished Business

As has happened before, I got a better daylight shot of an airplane shortly after showing you an awful nighttime photo because at the time it was the only one I'd been able to get. This time around, it was one of Virgin Atlantic's Airbus 340-300s:

Here's another shot of old and new:

An arriving Continental B737-800 rolls past a B727 and a B707


That white speck near the top, slightly left of center, isn't a star - it's the airplane seen in the first photo, now flying back over the airport eastbound about two miles up


The full moon rising over LA. No stars in these shots either - those are all aircraft on final to LAX

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  1. Besides Travolta's 707 do you ever see anyone else flying those old dogs into LAX anymore? I don't think any of them are even flown for cargo anymore are they?