Tuesday, January 11, 2011


We had Southwest 1 arrive a couple of weeks ago from St. Louis. Kinda curious, since we don't normally see flight 1 from Southwest, although we do have flight 1 from a number of other carriers. And St. Louis to LA? Although St. Louis is a recently-added destination from LA for Southwest, it isn't that recent. In any case, I've only seen SWA1 here once.

Here's another flight 1: THT001 seen departing for Papeete. Most LAX controllers don't like Tahiti's Airbus 340s, but this one did make a nice photo.

A formation of Boeings! Well, for an instant anyway - the B727 is departing while the B737 is landing

I noticed a while back that someone came to the blog via a search for Southern Air's new paint scheme. I imagine that they've since found it; but just in case, here it is, as seen on a B747-300.


  1. I am assuming those are pics from the past flights(the A-380's)...I hope they show the first landing via the "live LAX cam"!!!! I like the Southern Air livery...simple!! Thanx for the post, good one as always:) misstwa

  2. Any idea whose 727 that is? You just don't see those much anymore, especially here in the midwest.

  3. Great Post. I've never seen a 747-300....I don't think. Who else operates them?


  4. Any idea who the 727 belongs to? That's another airliner from the not to long ago "good old days" of flying.

  5. Ben - At present, Southern Air's is the only B743 that can be seen at LAX. Stick around for a spotters' guide on the B743; it'll be the easiest one I've done yet!

    Tom - I had to dig through the archives to find another photo of this airplane to check the registration, N606DH, but that didn't tell me much: It's registered to a corporation trustee out of Houston, Texas. Curiously, they had previously had a Gulfstream III jet with the same registration. Here's a link to pics of both: