Monday, January 3, 2011

Stay tuned . . .

Calm before the storm

Yes, yes, I know . . . I'm overdue for this week's post. Last night's mid and the day shift before were both . . . can I just say grueling?

In the meantime, here are some assorted interesting shots for your perusal:

Volaris currently has two A320s; one I showed you last month, and this is the other (and more interesting) one.

Naturally, after I waited some weeks to show you this Sun Country B738, they showed up early one afternoon. Here's a better view.

And speaking of 737's, US Air has recently brought in a B733 from Phoenix a few afternoons.

Horizon has some more college liveries. They originally had some of their CRJ7s bearing various school colors, but they're now an all Dash-8 fleet. Horizon has also added destinations out of LAX; one off the top of my head is San Jose, CA.

Republic (callsign: Brickyard) has also brought in something a bit unusual. While we get E190's on a daily basis at LAX, we don't normally see the smaller E170. As far as know, Republic is the only carrier to ever bring them here.

Thanks to the Rose Bowl game, we must have had a good chunk of Ryan International's fleet on the ground at LAX; I think I counted seven of their aircraft here, six of which can be seen in these two shots.

And a slightly belated Happy New Year to all. I should've had something special for that, but this will have to do. I've got some stuff in the works, but if you're interested in something particular leave a note in the comments.


  1. CaptainVector, you brought a smile to my face this morning with your new post...I look at each picture, zoom in check out details not seen intially. read the captions and learn alot!!! I think we sometimes put pressure on ourselves to try and perhaps, outdo or one-up the previous whatever's in life , I know I do that!!!For me...your post are always something special...just so you know! So any news on the A-380 engine saga??...anyword on return flights to LAX??? My fav pic,with your new post is the the Southwest jet taking off...simplicity...esspecially in January, remember Captain...without you, all of us have no "VIEW FROM THE TOWER"!!!!

  2. I found a,you may of heard of it..anyway, when you have time, ought to check it out, articles with updates, highly recommend. Have a good one!

  3. getjets -

    I'm glad you got a smile out of that picture; trust me when I say that none of us were smiling in the tower that day! Simple as that picture may be, the point of it and the one before is that all the airplanes are going the wrong way!

  4. got it, was listening, part of the time, to live ATC there, when "the planes were going the wrong way", you could tell, the exchanges were a little slower and diliberate. doubt