Monday, January 17, 2011

Find the plane

From your comments and questions, I suspect that a few of you have a passing interest in airplanes and air traffic control. So here's a Monday morning puzzle for you. In the picture above, there are two American Eagle E135s. Can you spot both of them?

Okay, here's another one: The pictures above and below both show the south side (runway 25 complex) with a modest amount of departure traffic. Which one is busier?

For the sake of covering both sides of the airport, here's one of the north side with a little traffic:

Did you find the second Eagle jet in the first photo? Here's another shot, taken a few seconds later:


  1. Wow.. all that green grass had me looking twice to make sure I was looking at the South Complex!

    Picture #1: Plane coming in for landing at the Top left corner.

    Picture #2 & #3: #3 - Aircraft behind hold bars at taxiway F complicates things a little. Same with taxiway B.

  2. I spotted the 2nd AE E135. Right over the rooftop in the upper left part of the photo. Great shot. Looks like to me the top photo looks busier than the lower photo, but I'm not 100% sure.

  3. ok CaptainVector, pop quiz time....first pic, 1 AE 135 landing gently and 1 AE 135 perched for take take off. Was it really that easy?? now your second ?. which pic is busier.... I say neither...only 1 plane can take off at a no matter how many planes are "lined up to wait". only 1 plane can land at a time, no matter how many lined up in air. Tell me, i gotta know your answer teach!!!!!! keep in mind i am an amateur...ha ha

  4. Good job all for spotting the Eagle jet short final! Next time I'm not cleaning up the photo first . . .

    The two Runway 25 Right photos were kinda sneaky: If you look closely you can see that they're only taken a couple of minutes apart; nearly all the aircraft in the first photo are also in the second, which was actually taken before the first. But westchesterparents had the right idea: The difficult part for the Local controller is deciding the best way to make that jumble in photo #2 into the nice neat sequence seen in photo #1.