Thursday, October 29, 2009

What happened? Part 2 - The location

This series is an effort to illustrate what happened in the runway incursion that occurred on Sunday, the 25th. I am not involved in the investigation of the event, and none of this is in any way official information.

The latest news reports I've heard claim that the estimated distance between the two aircraft was about 80 feet (roughly 25 meters).

Today I'll show you the intersection where the event took place:

The following shots all show the intersection as seen from the control tower:

A close-up view of Runway 25 Right at Taxiway M

Here you can see a United Airbus at the hold line. We call this "holding short of runway 25 right".

In this shot, a Southwest B737 is holding short of the runway as an Allegiant MD80 departs. The incident we're discussing should have looked just like this, with the exception of the aircraft and airlines involved. This is a standard, everyday operation at LAX.

The following are simply additional shots of various aircraft at this intersection:

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