Sunday, November 21, 2021

No Effort November: save for later

Among the various detritus in my draft folder, I found this post simply labelled "save for later"  I'm not sure what some of these were going to be for, although it's pretty clear that they weren't all intended for the same post. Three of a kind seems to be a bit of a theme at first, or perhaps "birds of a feather..."

All three of the basic CRJ models, in order. From the left: CRJ-200, CRJ-700, and a CRJ-900
Three SkyWest Brasilias: in position on Ry24R and Ry24L, with another on Txy E
AmeriFlight (callsign: "AmFlight") Beechcraft 1900C


Competing RJs: CRJ-200 with an E-135

Size comparison between a CRJ-900 in the foreground with a CRJ-700 on the runway

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