Friday, March 4, 2016

What's special about these pictures?

Just in time for the weekend! These two shots were taken several weeks, maybe even a month, apart. They appear in chronological order; the earlier one is the opening photo. They show different views of the south side of the airport but yet there is a common theme. So what's special about these pictures? Reveal early next week.


  1. I think the common theme is old paint on AA planes. On the first pic, there is a 737 in old, bare-metal finishing. ( I did not know that AA operated out of terminal 5 )
    ( I also did not know Horizon operated @ LAX. Is this the opportune moment to plead for a reboot of the Terminal operator overview? )
    In the second pic, a 757 still in USairways paint, and on the other side the American still in metal finish is a 767, I think.

  2. They're intermingling! AA at T6 and USAirways at T4. Glad I'm not trying to make a tight connection.

  3. Oh, two old livery Americans? Or the same one twice?