Wednesday, September 24, 2014

We've got Spirit, yes we do!

Spirit recently announced that they will be repainting their aircraft in this eye-catching scheme. This was the first one to pass through LAX, late last week. Thanks to CG for the photo!


  1. Nice to see Hughes AirWest flying once again... :-)

  2. Hey there CaptainVector........I swear it looks like 'crime scene' me.......very out there, daring you to cross it.....;)

  3. Hughes Air West, YES! Oh man,between the Hughes comment and the pic of the PSA retro, I'm getting all misty eyed for the days of my youth.

    Back to the picture at hand-- Sprint is just the latest airline to go to a BIG LETTERS branding strategy.

    10 years or so ago there was ZOOM, in this latest wave American was 1st and then Southwest, now Spirit. The idea makes sense, every airline has already invested hundreds of millions, if not more, in flying billboards, may as well use the biggest font available on them.

    Wouldn't be surprised to see more follow, maybe Delta, when was the last time they did a fleet wide redesign of their paint?