Monday, September 22, 2014

Big Blue Boeings!

After my last post, the Blogger dashboard showed a very inauspicious number of posts, so I hurried to put together another one. So here are some more Boeing shots. It would appear that the color blue is a common factor in all of these shots.


  1. I love the KLM colors. Their flight attendants had the most gorgeous blue uniforms. Blue is my favorite color, except for the thousands standing around colors.

  2. I hear Ethiopian might be flying to LAX soon in their 787's. Are there any other new carriers making their way there? Anyone else flying the 787 into LAX besides United and Norwegian?

    1. At the moment, no; they're the only ones. Before the battery debacle, we also got LAN Dreamliners, but they haven't reappeared yet. We are starting to see the United B787-9s, which are just entering service with United. For the moment, they're doing the same thing that the B787-8s did at first: Houston to Los Angeles and back again.