Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Bonus Boeing shot

This shot was originally going to be in yesterday's post, but it didn't fit with the Big Blue Boeing theme, so instead it gets a post of its own. The B727 in the background is noteworthy for having winglets, along with upgraded engines from an MD-80 installed; this mod is rarely seen on a -100. The B757 in the foreground happens to be Mexican Air Force One.


  1. those 727's .......aren't they a bit unstable........As all the weight is centered in the back.......3 engines at back......??!! I still love them.....they sure can bounce on landing........Have a good week CaptainVector....:)

    1. The B727 does look like it has a heavy tail, but there's a lot of fuselage sticking out ahead of the wing, especially on the -200 models. As for bouncing, any old airplane can do that! I've seen plenty of airplanes of all sorts bounce, and sometimes more than once -- even the A380. Now that's a bounce!

  2. The Mexican president now sports a shiny new VIP 787. Not sure if it's been to LAX yet...