Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Revealed: What's wrong with this picture (teaser)

This one is from last month; various distractions and obligations have kept me from having the opportunity to finish what I started here. There are a number of little oddities about this photo; I noticed one that was the impetus for the original post, but then you guys pointed out several more. Among them: The U.S. aircraft registrations, the web addresses are different, and there are different types of tugs. There was some discussion in the comments about winglets; here's the same shot, considerably brightened, in which it can be seen that both of these A320s do, in fact, have winglets:

Another oddity that nobody commented on was the fact that both of these are A320s; most of Volaris' flights into LAX are in A319s like this one:

And now for the teaser part: Given the A319 photo, what's wrong with the A320s in the original shot? I promise it won't be another month for the answer; it's already written and scheduled to post 72 hours after this goes up, so think fast!


  1. The A319 typically has only one window exit. Airbus does make a 2 window exit model, for higher capacity seating. I had thought about this being the reason of your post and I had checked the registration on both aircraft and they both are indeed listed as A320's not A319's. Maybe there actually nothing wrong with the picture.

  2. I notice that the A319 has the man's name "Javier" on the fuselage, while the A320's don't seem to have a person's name on the fuselage.

  3. In general, the 319's have names, however, there have been 320's that have names, -VOU = Juan, -VON = Alan, N507VL = Daniel.

  4. Your not referring to the overwing exits are you? 1 for A318/9 and 2 for the A320?