Friday, June 12, 2009

Who's That? Answers, Part 6

Okay, so how'd you do? These are all strictly cargo operators, meaning that none of these is the cargo division of a better-known scheduled passenger carrier. Unless you're in the industry, I'd be willing to be that some of these, maybe even most, are not familiar names.

You've probably heard of Airborne Express, which now goes by the moniker ABX Air. This is a B762, parked next to Hangar One: the original hangar from Mines Field (now known as Los Angeles International), which dates to 1929 and is on the National Register of Historic Places.

Based in Mexico City, AeroUnion can only be seen in this country at LAX and Chicago's O'Hare airports. Not as large as the others listed here, they have a fleet of three Airbus A300's.

Little Rock-based Air Transport International, which is now owned by ABX. This is a DC8 which has had its original JT3D jet engines replaced with CFM-56 high-bypass turbofans. In the background is a United B763 just starting its departure roll on runway 25 right.

Atlas Air (callsign: Giant) B744. Unlike some of the others here, Atlas often leases their planes/crews to other carriers. Quite often when these guys show up they're using callsigns like 'Qantas Cargo' or 'Lufthansa Cargo'.

Cargolux, from Luxembourg, operates exclusively B747's like this one. Currently they are all -400 models, but Cargolux has orders for the new B747-8F, which should be out in 2010.

Kalitta Air (callsign: Connie) operates various models of the B747, and is based in Ypsilanti, Michigan. This is a -100 or -200 (I don't remember which) arriving on runway 24 right.

Polar Air Cargo, owned by Atlas Air and DHL, also operates B744's. This one is about to touch down on runway 24 left, while a United (Skywest) CRJ-200 waits to depart.

Southern Air, based in Norwalk, Connecticut, is another operator with various models of the B747. Sorry about the lousy shot, but I don't get to see these guys that much, especially during the day. Seen here crossing the threshhold for arrival on runway 24 left.

World Airways has two B744 freighters; the rest of its fleet consists of DC-10's and MD-11's, in both cargo and passenger configurations. In addition to providing cargo service for airlines who don't have their own cargo fleet, World does a lot of military charter work for the US government. That's a Delta B738 in the foreground, rolling out on runway 25 left.

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  1. Dandy! I only got three of those. I think you're using one-of-a-kind planes.