Thursday, June 4, 2009

Who's That? Answers, Part 4

So, how're you doing so far? I think I'm just about down to the last of the carriers with their name on the tail or a instantly recognizable logo; this might be the last batch.

KLM operates one plane a day in and out of LAX, from their hub in Amsterdam. As you can see from the Northwest B744, this picture was taken some time ago.

This one was easy only because the name is on the tail; Spirit is not a large carrier, and their presence at LAX is currently limited to two flights a day, both well after dark.

You should've been able to work this one out simply through a process of elimination:
Virgin Atlantic's new scheme on an A346. This one's named "Scarlet Lady"; check out the registration!

Korean Air operates passenger and cargo flights at LAX using B747-400's. While this B744 has people on board, many of their passenger flights use B772's and B773's.

AeroMexico B737 just airborne from runway 25 right. Nearly all of AeroMexico's flights at LAX are B737's now, mostly -700's but also some -800's.

Alaska has a lot of flights at LAX. This B738 (I think) is just pushing off gate 36. This shot dates back to last year, as Alaska no longer uses that gate - it's a Virgin America gate now.

A Continental B752 taxis in as an American B738 lifts off.

Yes, I know I already showed you a Delta, but this is their slowly-disappearing 'flying colors' scheme. I like it over the new 'lazy widget' scheme, but I'll concede that this tail scheme wouldn't make you think 'Delta' if you didn't know that's who it was.

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  1. Well, I got all but one - the Delta of all things!