Saturday, February 1, 2014

More Year of the Horse

Yesterday marked the first day of the Chinese New Year, and I'm kicking off February with a look at carriers from countries outside of China that celebrate the Lunar New Year.

Singapore is represented above by their now-discontinued A340 arriving nonstop from Singapore. The LAX to Singapore route was one of the longest scheduled airline flights in the world, and the Airbus A340-500 was peculiarly suited to this very long route. Late last year, however, Singapore traded their A340-500s back to Airbus as part of a purchase of new A350s and A380s, and the service was discontinued. We still have Singapore Airlines at LAX in the form of daily A380 service to/from Tokyo that continues on to Singapore.

Thai also used to bring A340-500s into LAX, on nonstop flights from Bangkok. Nowadays, though, we see them in the form of B777s that stop in Seoul on their way to/from Bangkok:

For a few months more, LAX will see Malaysia B777s from Kuala Lumpur (via Tokyo); Malaysia reportedly will be pulling out of LAX at the end of April:

Philippines has one, and sometimes two flights a day into LAX from Manila, in either a B747-400 or an A340-300 (seen here):

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