Monday, February 3, 2014

Who's who: Southwest

Southwest is the primary carrier at LAX's Terminal One, and later this year will be the only carrier in that terminal. Southwest has been at LAX since 1982, and at present has 110 departures daily. Southwest has used various models of the B737 since the airline's inception; with a fleet of over five hundred (and a couple hundred more on order), they are the world's largest operator of the type.



  1. I love your blog photos - your posts about the various airlines that service LAX are really interesting. Looking forward to reading more.

  2. I really like the original Desert Gold colors ( in the fourth pic ). I wonder why they ever changed . The New Mexico plane N781WN is nice too. Southwest must be unique amongst airlines by putting their name only on the tail, and not on the fuselage.

  3. In the 3rd pic, the bottom jet is a 737-900, SW's first ETOPS rated 737. It is also the 1st SW jet with 4 flight attendants, all the older jets only have 3. Oh yah, allegedly they also have beverage carts, but when I flew a SWA -900 the FAs were still using the old trays.

    More SWA trivia: just like Seaworld has different Orcas play the role of 'Shamu' (It's a stage name), SWA has -3- different Shamu jets.

    Wish I could get a shot of Pengiun 1.

    1. I'm pretty sure SWA's ETOPS airplanes are -800s; haven't heard of them getting the -900 yet. They have placed orders for the B737 MAX (4th generation B737).