Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Who's who: AeroMexico

Having done with Terminal One, we move on to Terminal Two. With over a dozen international air carriers, Terminal Two is essentially the second international terminal at LAX. AeroMexico is one of the busier carriers at Terminal Two, operating B737-700s and -800s. AeroMexico also has a regional partner, AeroMexico Connect, who uses Embraer E145s and E190s. While AeroMexico is easy to recognize on the radio, spotters may be thrown by AeroMexico Connect, whose "Costera" callsign is another one of the radio callsigns that has nothing to relate it to the name on the side of the airplane.


  1. So do carries get to choose between T-2 and TBIT? Is it up to them or does the airport assign it to them based on availability? I would assume airlines would rather operate out of TBIT given the facilities are nicer and probably would provide their customers a better overall experience with the airline. T-2 can get pretty crowded when there are a few of heavies on the apron.

  2. hey Captain Vector......I sure want to say how much I appreciate the effort and time........taken to take the pictures you publish...and also.........all the cool a** tidbits of nutcase, jet starved, over the top Aviation geeks.....get in on........Thanks humble MissTWA...!!