Friday, January 31, 2014

Happy New Year!

Today marks the beginning of the Chinese New Year: The year of the snake gives way to the year of the horse. Despite there being a horse farm in the family, I have no equine photos. So instead, today's post takes a look at the Chinese carriers we see at LAX.

The opening shot is a China Southern A380 arriving from Shanghai on Runway 24 Right; below is a China Southern cargo B777.


Air China is the only carrier operating direct to Beijing. Their passenger service at LAX is now almost exclusively in the B777; Air China cargo uses B747s:

Cathay Pacific comes to Los Angeles from Hong Kong. Like Air China, they use B777s for people and B747s for boxes:


China Airlines operates B747s between LA and Taipei for both passenger and cargo operations; this one has people aboard:

EVA also offers passenger and cargo service between LAX and Taipei. Passengers ride in B777s while the cargo side uses B747s and MD11s:


China Eastern flies passengers and cargo to/from Shanghai. Airbus A340-600s are used for passengers, and B777s for cargo. Both seen together in this shot:

I saved the most colorful for last: Yangtze River flies cargo out of Shanghai:

The Chinese New Year is also observed in a number of places outside of China; we'll take a look at related carriers tomorrow.

Programming note:

Besides marking the beginning of the Year of the Horse, today also marks the beginning of what I expect will be the final year for me to produce this blog. In the meantime, however, I'm planning to do a post each day for the entire month of February, much as I did last year. In fact, with this post I'm sort of starting a day early!

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