Monday, January 20, 2014

Hobbit planes together

Since we first saw the second Air New Zealand Hobbit-themed B777 in early December, I've been hoping to catch the two of them together. There have been plenty of times when I've seen them both in the same day, but never together. It's probably happened before now, but this was my first sighting.


  1. I loved the original LOTR planes with Orlando Bloom's Legolas elf face all over the side of the plane. These are great too.

    1. I remember the original three as well; we had all three of them together at LAX at least once. They're all gone now; I wish I'd been taking pictures back then.

  2. I'd sit outside of 2 on my breaks from being hated and just pray that someday I'd get on one of them and visit EnZed. One of my favorite things was when I worked graveyard out of 2 and watched the red eye from HNL pull in and all those weary vacationers stumbled off.