Friday, November 15, 2013

Shots of the day: Going around!

LAX has go-arounds every day. Many, like this one, are initiated by the pilots because the airplane is too high or too fast (or both). Other causes may be some sort of equipment issue, generally landing gear or flaps. Controller-initiated go-arounds are generally for separation, usually because something, such as the previous arrival, is on the runway. I happened to be outside when this EVA B777 went around. My first indication that something was up was when I realized that I could see an awful lot of the belly of the B777 on final. By the time I got the camera up, they had already started bringing the gear back up (above). A moment after taking the opening photo, I went for a wide shot:


We don't normally get to see them from this angle: level flight over the runway

Crossing the beach in a turn to the west for spacing with the previous departure

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