Sunday, November 10, 2013

Delta's new B737-900s have arrived

Delta has started receiving new B737-900ERs, and we've been seeing them at LAX for the last week or so. Most of the ones I've noticed have been operating between LAX and Detroit. Today was my first chance to catch one with the camera, so despite the haze, here are two of Delta's new B739s. Delta is the third carrier to have B739s at LAX; the first two were Alaska, with the B737-900, and Continental (now United) with the B737-900ER. The ER version can be distinguished by the additional exit door mid-way aft of the wing; the now-discontinued -900 just looks like a slightly longer -800, and is harder to distinguish at a glance. Boeing is marketing the B737-900ER as a competitor to the Airbus A321, as well as a replacement for the B757-200 series.

A Delta B739 next to a B752, which it will gradually replace in the Delta fleet. In the background, an American B738.

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