Monday, November 4, 2013

Shot of the night: Behind the scenes

Well, sort of:  When you go to the airport and look out the terminal windows, you see (besides the airplanes) dozens of various pieces of ground support equipment (known as GSE in the industry) scurrying around like so many crazed ants. Did you ever wonder where they get their gas?  Well now you know!  This is a nightly ritual at LAX, where much of the GSE uses propane or natural gas instead of gasoline or diesel because it burns cleaner -- as do many of the shuttle buses and taxis. At least one airline (Southwest) also has some battery-operated equipment.

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  1. My eldest used to work for worldwide and drove a tug. He called them gutless wonders. All of the forklifts inside the warehouse were propane powered.
    NB: There's a Volaris taking off and one at the gate. Cool.