Monday, November 11, 2013

Allegiant goes to Hawaii

Allegiant has had a small presence at LAX for several years, operating out of Terminal Six, then Five, and now Three. Nearly all of their flights are to less-served destinations, and in many cases Allegiant is the only carrier going there from LAX. Until a week ago, every flight Allegiant operated at LAX used some variant of the MD-80, which has been the staple of Allegiant's fleet for years. Last week saw the appearance of both an A319 and a B757-200 in Allegiant colors. I've yet to catch the Airbus with the camera, but I did snag a shot of the B752 this afternoon as it taxied out for departure to Honolulu. Allegiant has been flying to Hawaii for a couple of years now, but service from LAX is new -- and, unlike most of Allegiant's routes, is in direct competition with several other carriers: American, Delta, Hawaiian, and United all operate flights to Hawaii out of LAX.

Today is Veterans Day in the United States: A day to commemorate and honor all of those who have served in our armed forces. Thank you!

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