Monday, July 2, 2012

More summertime arrivals

Here's a common refrain: "I can't believe it's (fill in the blank here) already." In this case, it's July. Which puts us squarely in the midst of summer (for those of you in the southern hemisphere, maybe that thought will help keep you warm). I mentioned the summer travel season in an earlier post, and today is some more of the same.

Hawaiian has brought B767s back to LAX. We see several Hawaiian A330s to/from Honolulu each day, but recently the B767s have reappeared as well. They are being used on new Hawaiian seasonal service between LAX and Maui. This is a route that several other carriers (American, Delta, United) already cover, but Hawaiian has added it for the summer (and has now decided to extend it through the end of October: Pacific Business News article)

As some of you have already noted, we've started getting KLM MD11s. This is an added flight between Amsterdam and Los Angles, three days a week (Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday), through mid-September. For a video of one arriving and departing, visit here: NYCaviation It's been several years since we've had scheduled MD11 passenger service at LAX; the last scheduled passenger MD11s I remember operating here were either Varig or Swiss. We still see cargo MD11s daily; both Eva and Fedex operate MD11s at LAX. The KLM MD11s are nearing the end of the line, as KLM is replacing them with new Airbus A330s. Thanks to JB and BX for getting these shots.

Something else we only get to see during the summer and holidays these days is Virgin Atlantic in B747s on the early afternoon arrival (the later arrival is still in A340-600s). I wish we got to see more of this one:

Alitalia has also returned to LAX for the summer, operating our only service direct to Rome, Italy. Service is expected to run through mid-November: Fodor's article

Gratuitous (almost) shot of an Air New Zealand B777 arriving on runway 25 Left. I say 'almost' because it's been quite some time since I've noticed a -200 in New Zealand colors; lately they've had only -300s here.


  1. Do they still have the floor markings at the gate for MD-11's?

  2. Very nice collection today. Thanks.