Monday, July 23, 2012

Construction update

It's been a while since I've shown you how the construction is progressing on the Tom Bradley International Terminal. So despite today's reappearance of June gloom, here are a couple of shots. Seen above is the north end of the TBIT, as seen from the tower. Below, the south end:

There are also a few extra tidbits in these shots. The north-end photo also shows the repaving project taking place in the D-10 alley, which has temporarily deprived us of nine or ten gates. Another item is this:

Just yesterday, demolition began on the former American Airlines maintenance facility. Just as the old American Eagle terminal had to make way for the Taxiway S relocation project a couple of years ago, the old American maintenance shed is going bye-bye as the next stage of the Taxiway T project. The above shot was taken fairly early yesterday morning. By lunchtime, they'd gotten this far:

By the mid-afternoon, just before I went home, they'd cut all the way through:

This shot was taken today, about 24 hours later:

But wait! There's another little something special, barely seen in the opening photos. Can you spot it? Here's a closer view:

Not yet? How about now?

Now that we have five A380 arrivals each day, the midday cluster of three (Korean, Singapore, and Air France) means that somebody has to park at one of the remote gates. So far, it's either been 212 or 216. This is how an Air France A380 appears from the tower when it's parked at Gate 212.


  1. Are they going to build a mid-field concourse where the American Airline hangers currently are?

  2. It's so sad to me that when we leave from the 24's the TWA hangar no longer bids us goodbye. When the first 747 from TWA came to LAX, my dad took me and some friends to the hangar, got permission from the mx people, and let us climb the ladder and take a tour. There were benefits to being a child of a manager who's seniority number was 361101 (November 1, 1936).

    LAX changes daily. The traffic situation will be untenable this summer. Saving my flying for fall.

  3. I thought the pic CV1020679 was about the MD-11 (or possibly DC-10) being worked on with cherry-pickers.
    Is that ramp called E14?
    And what is that red thing by the smaller fuel tank?

    I might as well use the opportunity to ask about what appears to be an end-around taxiway between B1 and A1. Seen from Google Maps, the pavement seems functional. However, no taxiway appears on the airfield diagram (donwloaded from Yet, no yellow cross or green shading is painted. The green paint there is seems a bit old.

  4. Anon 1: Yes, the long, long term plan is to put in another International Terminal. It will be parallel to the existing TBIT, and the future Taxiway Tango extension will run between them, connecting Taxiways C and D. The new terminal and the TBIT will be connected by a sky bridge over Taxiway T.

    Anon 2: Yes, that is the E-14 ramp, which is a Fedex heavy maintenance facility. They work on the DC-10s and MD-11s here; Airbuses go somewhere else. Red thing: no idea, although it looks like a vapor recovery containment vessel. At the southeast corner of the field, there is a service road that runs around the ends of the 25 runways, but no taxiway.


  5. "The new terminal and the TBIT will be connected by a sky bridge over Taxiway T."

    That will be a very impressive skybridge to span a taxiway used by Supers and Heavies!