Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Caption contest: Stuff that happens when I leave my camera lying around

So, occasionally I leave the camera in the tower, with the thought that somebody may have an opportunity to catch a shot of something cool while I'm not there. For example, this first shot; I'm pretty sure (but can neither confirm nor deny) that it's the U.S. Airforce's latest stealth fighter (the XF-3.14) doing a touch-and-go on Runway 24 Right:

I think this next shot was intended to show how large the engines on a B777 really are; it certainly looks like you could park that van in the engine, instead of alongside:

Umm, the woman with the yellow glasses?

Anybody seen an airplane around here?

This final shot shows the top deck of the Terminal 5 parking garage, where space is apparently at a premium (Hey, wait - I see an empty spot!), along with part of the new physical plant being built next door; this might be the view if you were about to take a flying leap off the tower:

I've supplied my initial ideas for each of these photos; now it's your turn: Suggest your ideas for captions in the comments. Instead of my usual practice of holding off on publishing your submissions for a few days, suggestions/comments will be published as they come in, more or less - comment moderation remains in effect.


  1. For #3.... What no TSA super sleuths out here to make sure the guys going the speed limit with the cart tender?

  2. 4: I swear I left that 757 right there...

  3. Bottom one.......I'm gonna jump......cand stand all those CRJ's on the ground together!!!!!!!!!

    John (UK)

  4. No. 4: Larry! Where's the forklift?

  5. Now arriving at Gate 31; Gate 32; Gate 33; Gate 34 . . .