Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Revealed: What's wrong with this picture 3-way?

As I mentioned, this one (or these three, if you prefer) was sneaky. What's wrong with these pictures? In a word . . .

. . . nothing (told you it was sneaky!). These shots actually illustrate the latest changes in airline locations at LAX, which occurred last month:

AirTran has moved from Terminal Three to join Southwest (who now owns AirTran) and US Airways at Terminal One.

Alaska, along with its Horizon subsidiary, has departed Terminal Three and moved to Terminal Six, which it shares with Delta, Frontier, and United.

To make room for Alaska at Terminal Six, Allegiant has moved over to Terminal Five, which is otherwise Delta territory.

Meanwhile Spirit has also left Terminal Six and moved back over to Terminal Three, which is also home to JetBlue and Virgin America. Just to keep things interesting, Virgin Australia arrives into Terminal Five but departs out of Terminal Three.

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  1. Oh CaptainVector...........You are Sneaky!!!!!!!!