Monday, May 7, 2012

May Day

May first is International Worker's Day, also known as May Day. It's not a recognized holiday in the US, but that didn't keep the United Service Workers West from holding a picket and protest march at LAX. They started at the International Terminal, and proceeded eastwards along the north side terminals and then down Century Blvd. Vehicle traffic into the airport was severely hampered for most of midday, as two of the main routes into the terminal area were closed.

For whatever reason, we were not briefed on what was going to happen; our first indication that something was up was the police practicing crowd control maneuvers on the roof of one of the parking garages, which we normally use as a helipad (it's closed due to the cranes for the TBIT construction). You can see several TV trucks parked on the road just behind the garage.

The picket line outside the International Terminal. As far as we could tell, everything went smoothly.

The marchers leaving the TBIT and approaching Terminal 3

Leaving Terminal 3 and heading towards Terminal 2

After passing Terminal 1, they continued east down Century Blvd. You can see a shuttle bus being turned around by the police; it had to go back the way it came and find another route.

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