Wednesday, April 25, 2012

What's wrong with this picture 3-way?

So just in time for your weekend (it's Tuesday in my 6-day week world), it's a three-fer. For the moment, this is the last of the WWWTP series, and it's a sneaky one. Or three, but all with the same basic premise. Shown here in order by Terminal number. What's wrong with these pictures?

Terminal 1

Terminal 5

Terminal 6


  1. Seems like all of the Terminal 3 carries have been spread across the airport? Though I would think seeing Air Tran at Terminal 1 would become a more common sight since they were bought out by SWA.

  2. Does not look like anything is wrong per say. Except Air Tran is now at terminal 1 with parent Southwest when the had been at terminal 3, Aligant is at terminal 5 when the had been at terminal 6. They got kicked out of terminal 6 by Chester (Alaska) when the moved into terminal 6. On a side note, I only see AS 737's at terminal 6 where are the Horizon Q 400s

  3. Terminal 1: The US and SouthWest a/c seem to be parked too close to each other.
    Terminal 5: The AA 757 overshot the turnoff (if arriving) or turned where it shouldn't have (if departing)
    Terminal 6: clearance issue?


  4. Um.. the guy on the motorcycle isn't using his blinker?
    I got nothing except perhaps some tugs disconnecting a bit early.
    I'll keep at it.

  5. "this is the last of the WWWTP series"

    What do you mean the "last".........?????
    I hope NOT!!!!!!!

    so I'm getting here this post has been up a while..........
    Are you saying there's the same "wrong thing" all 3 pics.......??

    1. It's only the last for the moment - I'm awaiting new material.

  6. Well in the Terminal 5 pic.........someone spray painted your name on Runway 25R(i think?)..........:))))))
    That ain't cool.......Ha
    I haven't got a clue.........what's wrong........with the 3 about a hint.....???

    1. I dunno . . . as much time as LAWA has pieces of this airport closed for painting, they certainly could have done that. Of course, the taggers are always at work in LA too!