Sunday, June 12, 2011


More miscellaneous items that don't really have anywhere else to be:

It was Appreciation Day at Delta. The In-N-Out truck was parked at gate 52 all day. We were not invited.

A planeload of horses waiting to get going.

US Airways has a predominantly Airbus fleet. But for some obscure reason, they bring in one or two token Boeings per day:

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  1. Seeing those trucks reminded me of a suggestion for a future post.

    It's an airport, so there are plenty of aircraft.

    But what about all the other vehicles that are around the place? What do they do? Do the controllers care what they do (as opposed to where they are, and where they are supposed to be going)? How do you track them?
    [I hope that makes sense.]

    And, a sideways question, how do you keep track of vehicle - any vehicle - movements? Radar? Eyeball? Camera? All three?

    Keep up the enjoyable, informative and entertaining blog. I really enjoy it.

    Thank you