Friday, June 10, 2011

Seen 8!

Here's a collection of various things that seemed worthy of mention:

First was Shamu, then the Salmon-Thirty-Seven, and now . . . Flipper?

CargoLux has been showing up with this converted B744 recently. Wonder where they got it?

Volaris, who has been adding destinations out of LAX, brought in this plane without a name

The first SkyWest I've seen wearing the new United-Continental hybrid paint

LAX now has three carriers flying passengers non-stop to Pu Dong: American, China Eastern, and now United has begun service to Shanghai.

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  1. I always wondered if Ilyushins or Tuplovs fly into LAX or allowed to flying to LAX? I noticed Aeroflot used to fly in 767's and now the A330, but I know they have Russian made jets as well with long range capabilities like the Il-96.