Friday, July 10, 2015

Shot of the day: How'd that happen?!?

I discovered this shot while poking through the archives in search of something entirely different. I don't recall taking this one, so credit goes to one of my cohort - who may very well want to remain anonymous.


  1. Someone forgot to turn on the stop and go lights, and why's that baby DL going the wrong way on 25R?

  2. Funny one. I can just see/hear it:
    GC: Little guy in front on E/W taxiway, where do you want to go? All others in the cluster (deleted word) remain.
    LG: just out of here. The big boys are getting a bit too friendly.
    GC: OK, go for it. Alaska, where do you want to go? and please don't goose that little guy. Others, remain halted.
    Alaska: We're lost. Just here to unload, reload and take some revenue home with us. For us it is FL390 or snow on the taxiways. We filed our flight plan six years ago as "Up Up and Away." Departure end of any runway is fine with us. We understand UP and North, at least for a while. Get us off the ground and outta here and we'll callback when above FL300 and pointed sort or toward the north pole. You guys ever heard of Dead Reckoning? We're pretty good at it. Heck, none of our airplanes has yet landed on a taxiway.
    GC: OK, smart-ass, how many of your destination airports even HAVE taxiways?
    Alaska: I've got a long white line under my nose, alternating with some bumpy lights. I don't see any big rocks or gravel, but the FOD shields are down (cosmic ray shields are UP?) May we depart now?
    Tower/CG: contact departure on 123.45
    Alaska: Hell No! We may call in when over-passing SEA, maybe. Bye!

    Or something like that...
    A funny shot. I wonder what REALLY Happened.

  3. At least all the pointy ends are facing roughly the same direction.