Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Our newest Dreamliner

As of mid-March, LAX has another carrier bringing the Dreamliner to Los Angeles. Japan Airlines has introduced the B787 on a new (for them) route that restores passenger service between LAX and Osaka's Kansai airport. Prior to this, the only service between Los Angeles and Osaka was a daily cargo flight operated by China Airlines (callsign: Dynasty). Some time back, EVA Air offered passenger service to Kansai, but that was at least four or five years ago. Coincidentally, both China Airlines and EVA Air are both Taiwanese carriers. Kansai airport is on an artificial island in Osaka Bay; nominal flight time from LAX is just under twelve hours. Japan Air's Dreamliners are noteworthy for their comparatively low seating capacity: each of the other B787 operators at LAX have their B787-8s configured for well over 200 passengers, while Japan Air's aircraft seat 186.

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