Sunday, March 29, 2015

KLM refresh

A recent reader comment alerted me to the LAX debut of KLM's revised livery. I have to admit that when I first saw it, I thought that I'd gotten the wrong day, as the new paint scheme isn't dramatically different from the old scheme. As a refresher, the opening shot shows a recent arrival of the old livery. The following shots all feature the new:


  1. Still the prettiest colored aircraft in the air! Love the blue, looks like a London Blue Topaz.

  2. I have the impression the blue in the KLM colours is a little darker tint, or it's just an impression, due to the dark blue edge line.
    On picture PKLM1240914.JPG
    How are the runway works proceeding?

  3. Thanks! KLM is slowly renewing its livery. New deliveries feature the new paint job (777-300 PH-BVN). 787 deliveries are planned for October this year.
    In the meantime older planes will get the update (their Fokkers, Embraers, 737’s , 777’s, A330’s and yes, their 747's).