Saturday, October 25, 2014

LAN Dreamliners: They're back!

LAN was the first airline to bring the 787 into LAX on scheduled service, but the Dreamliners disappeared in the wake of the burning battery debacle. Once that was ironed out, United brought their B787s back -- and in fact we're now starting to see United's new stretched -9 Dreamliners. Earlier this year, United's Dreamliners were joined by 787s flown by Norwegian Air Shuttle. Conspicuously absent were the LAN Dreamliners, which had been replaced by B767s. But last week, we started to see LAN 787s again. I caught this one departing around lunch time.

1 comment:

  1. Beautiful bird.
    One thing I never noticed before when looking at 787 pictures, is the beam-like protrusion below the air-intake in the wingroot fairing.
    The satellite antenna looks surprisingly small, especially after looking at a video of the first Virgin Atlantic 787-9 seen at
    I found that link by reading a discussion about the delivery of G-VNEW at
    Virgin Atlantic flies to your field, does it not?
    BTW, what happened to your review/catalog of all the airlines visiting LAX, by terminal? I seem to recall that the series petered out when reaching Terminal 3. I would love to see a picture of Virgin Atlantic, Virgin Australia and/or Virgin America side by side.
    -- Filip