Saturday, October 4, 2014

Another shot of the day


  1. Ah, now we're getting artistique!

  2. Winglets
    The most noticeable feature to appear on 737s are the winglets. These are wing tip extensions which reduce lift induced drag and provide some extra lift. They have been credited to Dr Louis Gratzer formerly Chief of Aerodynamics at Boeing and now with Aviation Partners Boeing (APB). They were first flown on a 737-800 in June 1998 as a testbed for use on the BBJ. They are now available as a standard production line option for all NGs with the exception of the -600 series. They are also available as a retrofit from APB. They are 8ft 2in tall and about 4 feet wide at the base, narrowing to approximately two feet at the tip and add almost 5 feet to the total wingspan. The winglet for the Classic is slightly shorter at 7ft tall. Over half of all 737NGs have had winglets retrofitted.

    Boeing has now developed, built and will be installing their own winglets for the 737 MAX family. The "Advanced Technology" winglet combines rake tip technology with a dual feather winglet concept into one advanced treatment for the wings of the 737 MAX.". They will be split-tipped, straight-edged winglets for the 737 NAX ...

    The latest development, which was available from early 2014, is the split-scimitar winglets for the 737 NG from