Thursday, October 23, 2014

And now, for more sport

I've been wanting to catch the Qantas World Cup B747 for some time now, so even though it was really hazy last week, I grabbed this photo from the catwalk. I believe the Virgin America Airbus in the lower shot is the same one that sported a mustache last season:

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  1. Hey Cap'n,

    Yes, N849VA IS the Redwood aircraft dedicated to SF Giants paint schemes. The 1st incarnation was more 'beard' than mustache, in honor of the Brian Wilson/Sergio Romo 'Fear the Beard' meme from 2010. Now that Wilson is a, well, NON-Giant, they removed the beard from the plane and started using the 'Fly Together' slogan (parallel to the Giants 'Giant Together' marketing campaign). Last bit of paint scheme trivia-- the 'Fly Together' is actually a photo mosaic made up of thousands of smaller pictures submitted by Giants fans.

    Probably more than you needed to know but I am a 4th generation San Franciscan who bleeds orange and black.