Thursday, March 6, 2014

Who's who: Air New Zealand

Time to continue our tour of the carriers at Terminal Two. Air New Zealand (callsign: New Zealand) is the busiest heavy jet operator there, sometimes with three aircraft on gates at once. Most of those aircraft are B777-300s, although we do see a few -200s as well. At the moment, Air New Zealand is the only carrier offering direct service from Los Angeles to Auckland. They also have a daily flight to/from London Heathrow. Once a week, we get a B767-300 from/to Raratonga in the Cook Islands - although this flight has occasionally used a B777-200.

A New Zealand B772 pushing back while a Philippine A343 departs

Our weekly ANZ B763 from Raratonga passes a Virgin America A320

The last Air New Zealand B747 I saw at LAX, arriving on Runway 25 Left nearly a year ago


  1. Just about to retire the last 2 744's. 2 more 773's to be delivered by year end and the 763 fleet to be replaced by 789.

  2. I know little/nothing about Air New Zealand and I've never flown with them. This much I do know: the take their livery seriously, yet with apparently great humor. And they probably have the most expensive paint jobs (per square foot?) in the industry. And the do get noticed. I enjoy your posts and the great pix. With a , it is too easy to forget why the majority of your pix have the same perspective and usually include a slight blue-green cast. Of course!! You are shooting from inside the LAX tower's cab and the sun shade is usually down. Duh? Good stuff and thank you.